AfroLatin Nights - Every Monday! - Ravintola India House

Helsinki afrolatin dance scene united every Monday! :) Salsa, bachata, kizomba, semba, zouk - we got you covered! If you haven't been at AfroLatin Nights before, come and get hooked!

Zoukers will kick off the evening at 7.00pm! Come and enjoy!
From 9.30pm onwards we'll have two dance floors: one for Salsa & Bachata and one for Kizomba and Semba!


Join us at India House! They also have amazing food, so if you fancy eating something after your classes and before dancing make sure you try something. Kitchen closes around 21:45. Remember that this is a bar venue and you are not allowed to consume your own drinks on the premises. Please respect this as we want to keep the venue happy and we want to be able to continue to host these kind of events.
Entrance is through Forum's Simonkatu entrance. Don't go from Yrjönkatu as that side will be closed!

Left Side Room
19:00-21:15 Zouk
21:15-00:30 Salsa & Bachata

Right Side Room
21:30-00:30 Kizomba

There’s no coat check guy here for the moment as this would increase the ticket price but there’s coat racks in the venue where you can leave stuff. Depending how many people prefer to have a coat check in future we can take it into consideration and adjust the pricing accordingly.

Remember this party is all about you guys! So get your dance buddies and come dancing! :)

Payment in cash or with Smartum vouchers only and please try to take the exact amount to speed up payment processing!
8€ - Party Only
5€ - Newcomers, First Timers

Let’s rock the dance floors! :) See you on Monday!

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