Ashpipe, Burger Weekends, 197666 at On The Rocks - On The Rocks

Pe. 15.6.2018 On The Rocks, Helsinki

-Ashpipe ( ITALY):
Formed in 2007 in Volpedo (Italy), Ashpipe is a militant
ska/punk’n’folk band with antifascist and antiracist roots.

-Burger Weekends ( GER):
The BURGER WEEKENDS are a hot and tasty Pop-Punkrock & Roll / Bubblegum Punk Band from Osnabrück, Germany. These three guys are Rock & Roll Highschool dropouts with no lessons in "Ramones", "Undertones", "Lookout Records" and "Burger Party"!


Liput 8/10€
Ennakkoon Tiketistä:

moro info soon!

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