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The Growth of a Game will be hosting one of the premier American football camps in Europe from May 19th to 20th, 2018 in Paris, France.
The camp, known as “The Growth of a Game Paris Skills Camp”, will be an annual camp with the intent to improve the skill level of players from around the region. Players and coaches from all across Europe will visit Paris for the camp, and upwards of 120 players are expected to be in attendance.

The Growth of a Game Paris Skills Camp will be led by several of the top coaches in Europe. Player fees for the 2-day camp are €99, while coaches fees are €39. Please stay tuned to our camp sign-up page for recommendations and discounts for the accommodation!

The camp will focus on skill development for all players 15 and over. Players of all positions are welcome. In addition to player development, the coaching staff will also be providing instruction to beginner and intermediate coaches in the form of on-field work. Players and coaches from as many as 10 countries will be present.

Camp t-shirts will be included in the sign-up cost for players and will be provided during registration. Players will wear t-shirts, shorts, and football cleats – no shoulder pads or helmets.

This camp is made possible by the contributions of various partners, including the Battle Sports Science, Gear4Teams, Cramer Sports Medicine, Champro Sports and Les Diables Rouges de Villepinte.

For more info and sign-ups, visit our web page:

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