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During the past two years Marloes van Son has worked on the Devices-project, which consists of experimental instrument design, composition through the development of visual scores, workshops and audiovisual performances.

❑ ❑ ❑ - workshop is part of COMPONENT, her solo exhibition that presents the current state of the Devices-project at Third Space.
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Date: March 20th // 18:30h - 20:30h
During this 2 hour workshop we will build a very simple sound device that reacts to light. The schematic is based on a design by the Japanese physician Leo Esaki and consists of a transistor, light-sensor (LDR), capacitor, speaker and power source. We will construct this simple oscillator by attaching electronic components with screw-terminals.

Sign up by e-mail: info[at]marloesvanson[dot]nl
Voluntary fee of €10.

* 8 year old kids onwards are welcome as long as they can communicate in English.

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